Randy Montana's new song '1,000 Faces' has put him on the path of following in the creative footsteps of his dad, songwriter Billy Montana. Although Billy has penned songs for some of country's top artists, including Garth Brooks, Sara Evans, and Jo Dee Messina, Randy says his dad has taken a supportive, yet hands-off approach to his son's work.

"Whenever I need advice, I can always go to my dad," Randy tells The Boot. "He's the voice of reason, who has been through all this stuff, and that helps me have an understanding of what all goes into this to make it happen."

Perhaps even more significantly than receiving radio airplay, '1,000 Faces,' which Randy co-wrote with Tom Douglas, was a hit with country music fans who heard Randy sing it while he was on tour with Sugarland and Little Big Town.

"It's incredible to play that song live," says Randy. "People come up and say, '1,000 Faces' was my favorite song of the night.' It's fun to play it live because you get this whole burst of energy yourself."

The audience weren't the only ones who enjoyed Randy's performances on the tour.

"It was quite a learning experience, being a part of something where they put 12,000 – 14,000 people in seats a night," he says of touring with Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush. "Kristian said one of the coolest things at the end of the tour. He said, 'Thanks for keeping the musical integrity of this tour.' That meant a lot coming from a guy like that."

To download '1,000 Faces' free now through Tuesday, February 1, click here.

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