While sitting in her candy apple-red Ford F-150 -- the subject of her single "Tailgate," as well as its corresponding music video -- country star RaeLynn recalled to The Boot how she came up with the idea to write the track, and why her truck is so important to her. Read on for all the details! 

This truck is the same truck as in the music video [for "Tailgate"]. I've had this truck since I was 18 years old. I actually got it when I had my permit. I didn't even have my license yet; I got my license two days after.

I moved here to Nashville with this truck and a few boxes -- literally filled this truck up with all my s--t and moved straight to Nashville. It's been kind of my staple here, so when I was writing [this song] and thinking about what I wanted to write, and I was like, "I've never written a song about my truck." It has so many stories to tell, and if my tailgate told on me, I don't know if my mama would be too excited, but hey, it's okay.

[When my parents heard the song], they were actually just like, "Oh Lord, it's just Rae being Rae." But they loved it. My mom and dad are very supportive of my career and the music that I make, so my mom's just like, "Oh Lord, what's Rae talking about now?" She was so sweet and cute about it. They love the song.

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