On her 2018 album Colouredsinger and hit songwriter Priscilla Renea prioritizes telling her own story in her words. The songwriter behind hits by artists such as Miranda Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, Train and many others, Renea is a seasoned tunesmith who knows what makes a song a commercial success; however, in recording her own album, she explored a more organic creative process, during which writing a hit took second priority to telling authentic stories.

That authenticity is the reason why "Denim" became her favorite song on Coloured. Read on to learn about the process behind writing the song.

It's my favorite [song on the album]. I don't know why; I just love it.

It was a guitar loop -- like an Apple loop -- and a producer played it for me. I was like, "I have this concept, but I'm not really sure if it's cool or not;" I was like, "Arms like denim / I feel so good in 'em." Everybody was like, "That's dope." So I just wrote it.

I think my husband may have helped me out with a few bars, but other than that, I just sat and wrote it on my phone. Then I freestyled the verses. It was only two verses and two hooks, and then we finished the bridge with my vocal producer; he helped us finish writing it.

Really, it was super organic. It was not calculated at all.

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