The message in "Takin' Pills," the freewheeling new video from Pistol Annies seems to be "choose your poison." Shot in Nashville, the tongue-in-cheek clip features the trio -- Lonestar Annie (Miranda Lambert), Holler Annie (Angaleena Presley) and Hippie Annie (Ashley Monroe) driving around town and rehearsing for an upcoming gig.

All the while, each Annie is seen indulging in their chosen vices as "one's drinkin', one's smokin' and one's takin' pills" -- not to mention eating truck-stop food, which could arguably be considered the most unhealthy vice of all! (Watch the video below.)

"Takin' Pills" is also autobiographical in that each Annie's respective nickname is referenced in the lyrics of the song. In our exclusive interview, they further explained their names, although Texas-born Miranda, the "rootin' tootin' pistol from the Lone Star state" wasn't exactly hard to figure out.

"I always said I was a hillbilly hippie," notes Ashley. "I want everybody to be fine, I want everybody to be calm and love each other and the world to be bright and pretty. But I'll do yoga while I'm watching 'Cops' because I'm a redneck, too. [laughs]

Miranda [who's shown smoking in the video because she had to do the driving and figured that would be the safest vice for her!], explains that Angaleena is from Kentucky holler, adding "She has the sweet side but she also has a dark side. Our dark sides are a little more prominent. I have a little bit of an edge."

"I'm a coal miner's daughter and I don't really have a filter," explains Angaleena.

"Takin' Pills' is the follow-up to the threesome's gold-certified single, "Hell on Hells," the title track of their debut album released in 2011 to widespread acclaim. In addition to a spot on Miranda's current On Fire tour, the trio will play several shows on their own this coming fall. They also announced recently that they plan to record a follow-up album later this year.

Watch Pistol Annies' 'Takin' Pills' Video