Phil VassarPhil Vassar was on his tour bus driving through New England last month when he decided to write an open letter to his fans, letting them inside his ever-racing mind. The celebrated country star talks about what he loves -- everything from music to banana pudding -- and what he hates, from red carpets to insecure people. We pulled ten of our favorite musings from Phil's letter. (Read it in its entirety here.)

10. Much to the dismay of my management and label, I am not one to hype myself. I do what I do. The celebrity part of music success is not the stuff I like. I am not comfortable telling someone how great I am.

9. I hate red carpets and love thin crust pizza and banana pudding.

8. Performing for the president of the United States is amazing.

7. I have 3 cars, but find myself driving the cheapest, most normal one 90% of the time.

6. I take my kids to school whenever I am in town.

5. I am left handed, but play golf right handed.

4. My handwriting is awful.

3. I call people back and really get pissed when people don't call me back.

2. Insecure people make me nuts. I think success and money magnify what people inherently are.

1. I have never been one who likes to talk about things a whole lot, and that probably has caused problems in my life. A lot of the things that I have written about in my songs have more than likely been the result of this "lack of verbalization," as some of the therapists might call it. My songs have always been my therapy. Through my songs, I have always talked about my experiences, my memories, friends, lovers, children. It is very cathartic. I express myself through my songs.

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