Canadian country trio Petric are premiering the music video for their brand-new single, "Single Problem," exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch.

The cheery, upbeat song makes use of double entendre in its title. Instead of being about life as a bachelor, the song speaks to the feeling that finding the right person can make all your problems go away.

"Never had a hand I could hold and watch the sun go down / I used to wake up all alone, until now," Petric sing. "But I ain't got a single problem since I found you / Went from dancin' in circles to dancin' with you."

The sweet music video for "Single Problem" features a diverse cast of couples of all ages, ranging in longevity from six months to six decades together, showing off mementos of their journeys. Shot in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the video's stars include band members Jason and Tom Petric's adorable grandparents, who've been together for 62 years and are still "going strong." The Petrics' fiancees and fellow trio member Jordan Day's wife also make appearances at the end of the clip.

"We had such a great time making it," Petric say of the video. "We really wanted to make something that was positive, diverse and all about the beauty of relationships."

Discovered by Canadian country star Dallas Smith in 2015, Petric has quickly risen through the ranks of that country's country music scene, charting multiple radio singles and earning more than 7 million streams on Spotify. Learn more about them at

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