Pat Green knows a thing or two about the partying lifestyle that often entices young musicians. After all, he was only a college student when he hit it big. Although, after years of living life on the road as a headliner and supporting such major performers as Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban and Dave Matthews, Pat found himself at something of a crossroads where partying didn't make sense anymore.

"That is a tough way to live. It's an occupational hazard that most of us get trapped in," Pat tells The Boot. "When you are young, you don't really have that healthy respect for your profession or for the people who are paying you to perform, to do your job. Back in the day, when I was drinking I thought 'Whatever happens, happens.' Now I do a lot to be really focused, to tighten up the shows. And that's really fun.

"I don't want to sit here and pontificate about being a mature person," he clarifies. "I'm not. It's just at one point or another, you have to take responsibility. Once you settle down and start having kids, life moves at a more natural pace. You come to a place where you respect your job more than you did before."

That's one reason that Pat is taking his time choosing the best label to release his upcoming album. "This whole thing is a process," says the Texas native. "When you are in your 20s and just starting out, there's really only one way to do everything and that's big. To be on the other side with a wife and kids and experience in the business, you have a different viewpoint."

Although Pat is proud of his past achievements, he's looking ahead to even sweeter success. The next album he records will have more of his stamp on the sound than his previous releases with major labels.

"Life is really good. I have a lot of optimism," Pat says. "I've had a wonderful run at [major labels] and had fun chasing the songs up the charts. Now, I don't worry about all of that. I don't feel like I have lost anything of my old self. I just have more opportunities to explore. It's like a brand new life."

Pat Green is on tour. His next scheduled concert is February 18 in Atlanta. For a complete list of dates and locales, check here.