Is Pat Green giving up the troubadour lifestyle and becoming a radio jock? Not exactly. The Texas native has signed on to join Austin radio station, KVET, as temporary morning co-host for the month of June.

He'll join current hosts Chris Mosser and Anne Hudson in the studio when he's home in the Texas capital. However, don't expect this gig to interfere with his touring schedule. Pat will continue to tour and call in remotely for his "day" job.

Don't worry, though. If you're not in earshot of Austin, you can still listen to the show online, thanks the And, while you'll still be able to catch Pat out on the road, he's cut back his touring significantly.

"I still love music, I still love performing," he tells The Boot. "I get the most out of performing than anything else I do. But there's not a day I'm on the road that I don't wish I was with my kids. I think that's why I stopped doing 200 shows a year ... I was getting anxiety, it was making me sick at my stomach, and I had fear and all these other feelings injected into me because I was afraid I was going to miss them doing something great or miss something bad happening and couldn't be there. I do a lot of other work now so that I can work less on the road."

Pat's next show is tonight (June 1) in Chicago. Get a full list of his tour dates here.

Watch Pat Green's 'All Just to Get to You' Video

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