On May 26, Pat Green released a brand-new single, "Drinkin' Days," and he's premiering the tune's music video exclusively with The Boot and our partner site, Taste of Country. Readers can press play above to watch the clip.

Green's "Drinkin' Days" music video is full of old photos of the singer-songwriter at early shows -- a nostalgic look back at his career since he began playing in small venues in the Lubbock, Texas, area. To create the video, the artist put out a call for photos on his social media channels; throughout the clip, as Green sums up, viewers will see "lots of smiles and sweat."

"The pictures in the video for "Drinkin' Days" are permanent reminders of the briefest of moments," Green tells The Boot. "It's great to look back and think about where you are and where you've been and where you thought you'd be. Always puts a smile on my face."

Jaron Boyer, Ben Burges and Phil Barton wrote "Drinkin' Days;" Green's longtime drummer, Justin Pollard, produced the song. Sonically, the track is a stripped-back, simple barroom romp that finds Green reflecting how he can still "hang with the best of my friends" ... even if it's not quite the same as it was back in "those glory days."

"Those drinkin' days / And all of those parties / We sure had it made / Well, they hurt like a mother, but I sure did love 'em," Green sings in the chorus of "Drinkin' Days" over a basic acoustic guitar line, a sing-a-long growing stronger throughout. "Those glory days / And all the hell we raised / Drove our folks crazy / We still have 'em, but not like we used to have 'em ..."

"Drinkin' Days" is Green's first new single since he released Home in 2015. There is no official word on Green's next full-length project, though he has hinted that more new music is coming soon.

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