Pat Green was a household name in his home state of Texas long before earning his first Top 5 single, "Wave on Wave," the title track of his 2003 studio album on Universal Records. While the singer has since become a country artist with national recognition, thanks to cross-country tours with Kenny Chesney and Willie Nelson, along with more than a dozen Top 40 singles, Green says that he still finds his fame a bit unsettling.

"I think it feels misplaced, just 'cause I don’t buy it," Green tells The Boot. "I don’t buy unearned affection, but I do think that God gave me the ability to make people smile. He certainly did not give me a filter. I’ll cuss in front of people. I’ll do anything I can to make people let their guard down."

Green also credits his family with helping him stay grounded, recalling with a laugh a time when he admits that his ego got the best of him.

"I was with my Dad; we were in Houston one time," Green says." We went to dinner, and when you’re young, when you’re in your 20s, and all that crazy stuff is happening, you really haven’t learned how to check your bravado at the door and say, 'This is what it is.' You think it’s because of you, and it’s really because of the public; it’s not because of you. I was in those heady days of cocky behavior.

"So, we’re going to this restaurant, and I said, ‘Put us in a corner, because I just can’t deal with it,'" Green continues, in a mock prideful voice, "the 26-year-old idiot that I was. And my dad goes, ‘If you don’t like your picture being taken, you sure did pick a bad job.'

"That was the starting of the temperament for me," Green continues. "I think that wives temper men, men temper women, husbands temper wives. And I think life in general can temper you into a good place if you’re willing to admit that this is where I made my mistakes, this is what I did well."

Green's latest album, Home, was released in mid-August. It is available on Amazon and iTunes.

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