The writer of most of his own hits, Pat Green also prides himself as a great admirer of fellow tunesmiths. In 2001, he teamed up with fellow Texas country great Cory Morrow for 'Songs We Wish We'd Written,' a covers album of some of their favorite songs, from Travis Tritt's 'It's a Great Day to Be Alive' to Merle Haggard's 'Red Bandana.' Now, eleven years later, Pat is set to release the sequel, 'Songs We Wish We'd Written II,' due May 8 via his new label home, Sugar Hill Records.

"We hope our fans enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it," says Pat of the new album, his first since 2008's 'What I'm For.' "You'll hear a few songs you already know and may notice others that are unfamiliar, which was by design. I enjoy spreading the word about great talents and great music."

One great talent Pat has long admired is the legendary Joe Ely. The Texas singer-songwriter's 'All Just to Get to You,' which he wrote with Will Alan Sexton and recorded with Bruce Springsteen, is included on the upcoming project.

"The first time I heard 'All Just to Get to You,' I was driving down University Ave. in Lubbock, Texas," Pat tells The Boot. "I didn't know Joe Ely knew Bruce Springsteen, but I could clearly hear Bruce doing harmony vocals and I immediately thought that was an amazing song. 'Letter to Laredo' (Joe's 1995 album) has been one of those guiding light kind of forces in my life as far as records go, easily in my top two or three favorite records of all time. I know that Joe knows that I totally love and respect him, but the best way to prove that is to record his song. "

Watch our world premiere of Pat Green's 'All Just to Get to You,' featuring live concert footage, below, followed by a full track list from 'Songs We Wish We'd Written II.'

Watch Pat Green's 'All Just to Get to You' Video

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Pat Green, 'Songs We Wish We'd Written II' Track list:

1. 'All Just to Get to You' - Joe Ely & Will Alan Sexton

2. 'Streets of Galilee' - Aaron Lee Tasjan

3. 'Jesus On a Greyhound' - Glen Ballard & Shelby Lynne

4. 'Even the Losers' - Thomas Earl Petty

5. 'Austin' - Jon Randall

6. 'If It Weren't for You' - Liz Rose & Walt Wilkins

7. 'Soulshine' - Warren Haynes

8. 'The World I Know' - Brian Ross Childress & Ed Roland

9. 'If I Had a Boat' - Lyle Lovett

10. 'I Am Too' - Todd Snider & Will Kimbrough