Parmalee have announced that they will release a new album, 27861, on July 21. The record's title is the group's hometown zip code -- a fitting tribute to the band's namesake, Parmele, N.C.

"We all have [the zip code] tattooed on us somewhere," Parmalee singer and guitarist Matt Thomas tells Rolling Stone. "We've had that album title for a while; we've really been wanting to use it. We just felt like now was the time to use it."

For their upcoming release, Parmalee had to pare 35 songs down to the 12 that made the final cut. Says Thomas, "Picking those songs for the album was one of the hardest processes we've had to do."

Included on 27861 are songs titled "Heartbreaker," "Back in the Game," "Savannah" and "Roots," the latter of which is a recent single from Parmalee. The band's most recent single, "Sunday Morning," is also there, as the disc's opening track; readers can see a complete track listing below.

“Sunday Morning” is available for purchase via iTunes, Amazon and more ahead of 27861's release in July. More information about Parmalee, including a list of upcoming shows, can be found on their official website.

Parmalee, 27861 Track Listing:

1. "Sunday Morning" (Matt Thomas, Ross Copperman, Josh Osborne)
2. "American Nights" (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Jay Brunswick, Frank Rogers)
3. "Heartbreaker" (Brock Berryhill, Jay Brunswick, Jason Blaine)
4. "Like a Photograph" (Matt Thomas, Andrew Dorff, busbee)
5. "Back in the Game" (Rodney Clawson, Hillary Lindsey, Matt Dragstrem)
6. "Mimosas" (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Jared Tyler Mullins)
7. "Hotdamalama" (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Craig Wiseman)
8. "A Guy Meets a Girl" (Matt Thomas, Chase McGill, Jessie Jo Dillon
9. "Savannah" (Matt Thomas, Tom Douglas, Zachary Maloy)
10. "Drink It Off" (Matt Thomas, Jim Beavers, Lindsay Rimes)
11. "Barrel of a Shot Glass" (Matt Thomas, Barry Knox, David Fanning, Ben Stennis)
12. "Roots" (Jared Mullins, Ben Stennis, Blake Bollinger)

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