Orville Peck's new music video for "Nothing Fades Like the Light," the final track on his 2019 album Pony, is a snapshot into life on the road at a critical juncture of his career. Not only does the treatment offer a visual accompaniment to the song, but it also serves as a kind of photo album, filled with memories of an unforgettable stretch Peck and his band spent on the road.

"This video was created and shot by our friend Deni Cheng. She came out on the road with us for a big part of our last tour. The first time I watched the video, I cried," Peck notes. "She captured all of us so well at a time when our shows first started blowing up in a way that was so magical."

In one sense, the clip is Peck's opportunity to give back to the fans who changed his career over the course of the trek. "We've been real lonesome cowboys on tour for most of this year, and I've been so grateful to everyone that's come and sold the shows out, so I wanted to put something out for them and my band," the artist explains.

If you listen closely to the conversation sprinkled into the video, you can hear Peck and his bandwagon's giddy excitement as they realize their audiences are beginning to take notice. "After your first whistle today, someone in the crowd went, 'Oh, wow,'" one of Peck's tourmates recounts at one point.

Snippets between performances show the road dog family making their transient lifestyle as cozy as possible: We see images of candlelit birthday cakes, smoke breaks, fast food dinners and more. Press play above to watch the full video.

Even those not familiar with Peck's music may find that "Nothing Fades Like the Light" sounds familiar. The song was included in a late-October episode of HBO superhero drama Watchmen.

Those who haven't had the opportunity to see Peck on tour yet will have a number of opportunities in 2020. The singer will begin the year in Australia for a string of shows, then return to the U.S. for more concerts, including some just-announced March dates.

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