According to masked country star Orville Peck, the lead track on his Pony album, "Dead of Night," is the most appropriate introduction to the kind of music he makes. Read on as Peck shares the story behind the song.

The first song I wrote [for Pony] was "Dead of Night," which is funny, because it's kind of become the "big song" or whatever. But I always say that if people wanna get into my music, that's a good one to start with, because I think it kind of achieves what I want to do as an artist, which is tell a story from my past.

Something that I think a lot of people can connect with, which is kind of the story that "Dead of Night" is, is unrequited love that you know is never gonna go anywhere, but you stay with that person and torture yourself because it's better than nothing. And then, even after it's ended, you're still kind of torturing yourself by thinking, "Wasn't that actually really nice?" It's kind of this sadistic thing that a lot of us put ourselves through with relationships, and people.

I wanted it to have a very specific sound, I wanted it to have a sense of the past, and something we all know -- like, we can see references and relate to it -- but I also wanted it to feel new. I think that's kind of the benchmark for what I wanted this album to be: I wanted it to be familiar to people so they could connect with it, but also like it was from a new perspective.

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