Noah Schnacky knows how it feels to get dumped. The country newcomer's newest release, "Comeback," finds him shrugging off suggestions to move past the hurt and self-pity that accompany heartbreak, because he's not there yet.

Schnacky's smooth vocal cadence drives the pop-friendly song. An uptempo, progressive arrangement allows those not also hurting to stay out of the melancholy deep end, but if your heart's in tatters, too, there's plenty of company there.

Lyrically, the song relies on a clever play on the phrase "comeback." He's not looking to rebound; instead, the Nashville resident is hoping his ex will "come back," and even though the music tells you to smile, his words are convincing.

""Comeback" came straight out of the post-breakup feelings I dealt with in my last serious relationship," Schnacky says. "It’s raw emotion laid out with no filter, and I’m  excited to show my fans this side of me for the first time."

"Comeback" is one of two new songs Schnacky is releasing on Friday (May 15). The other, "Where'd You Go," promises to be equally personal. Both songs are coming on Big Machine Records, to which Schnacky signed after making a viral splash in recent years. He has a tremendous following on TikTok and Instagram, but first caught attention performing songs on YouTube. In 2018, he was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Music.

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