Americana quartet No Dry County are premiering their new song "Bittersweet" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

According to the band, "Bittersweet" -- a sweeping alt-country track -- represents the "end of an era."

"It's the understanding that things can't ever be the same, and nor should they. It's the hope that each will find purpose in the midst of the bitter end that brought us here," says songwriter Trent Langford, who is the band's lead vocalist and guitarist. "It's knowing that, despite irreconcilable differences, on a cold night in that dusty old room, the light that burned out too soon could be re-lit, if even for a moment."

Comprised of Langford, Dub Wood on bass and vocals, Bristen Phillips on guitar and Matt Newsom on drums and vocals, No Dry County hail from Lubbock, Texas, and take plenty of influence from their home state. "Bittersweet" appears on the band's forthcoming album, Panhandle Music, which explores the influence of living in the Texas Panhandle, as told through the lens of specific characters.

"Panhandle Music is really an attempt to describe our culture adequately and, through that process, hopefully understand it better ourselves," Langford says. "All of that being said, "Bittersweet" is the track that is most personal to me on a number of different levels, and I think can relate to people from all walks of life who have loved and lost."

Panhandle Music is set for release on June 8. Fans can keep up with No Dry County on their official website.

Listen to No Dry County, "Bittersweet":

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