Nicole Rayy knows the power of a sad song. Her new music video for her own single "Sad Song" -- premiering exclusively on The Boot -- encapsulates the gloomy sort of days when the only things that hit right are some sweet treats, a romantic movie and a downtrodden soundtrack.

In the new clip, Rayy is spending a day lounging at home: As the rain comes down outside, she stares out the window at the gray sky. She pours herself a big glass of wine, watches The Notebook, indulges in a pint of ice cream and puts on (presumably) a sad record. As the rain intensifies, Rayy steps outside -- still in her comfy clothes -- and enjoys the feel of the downpour.

"There's just somethin' 'bout a sad song / Every time it comes on / Makes you wanna turn it up and sing every word / There's just somethin' 'bout a raincloud / Every time it pours out / Isn't it the best sound you ever heard?" Ray sings in the chorus. "Who needs a sunny day to chase the blues away? / Sometimes all that you want is to hear a sad song ..."

Emma Lee, Karen Kosowski and Jordan Depaul co-wrote "Sad Song," but Rayy was able to quickly relate to its sentiment. In fact, she says, she knows she's not alone there.

"There is no better medicine when you're hurting than a sad song: that feeling of knowing that someone understands you and your pain," Rayy says. "I have always wanted to film a music video out in the rain, especially for a sad song, because I feel like it really showcases the emotion of the song. Singing my heart out under a garden hose isn't exactly what I thought the process would look like, but I think it turned out beautifully."

A native of southern Ontario, Canada, Rayy released her debut EP, Only Everything, in 2012. Her sophomore album, 2016's Dig, led to opening gigs for, among others, Brett Kissel, and sets at the Calgary Stampede and other festivals. From 2015 through 2018, Rayy also performed at Shanghai, China's World Music Festival.

Rayy's newest multi-track release is the 2020 EP All Woman, which landed her a nomination for Female Artist of the Year at the Country Music Association of Ontario Awards. "Sad Song," though, is a standalone single, and follows another single, "Broken Boys."

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