Not only are we getting ready to celebrate a new year, but a new decade as well, and what better way to ring in 2010 than with music? To that end, many of your favorite country stars are working to help fans celebrate, while others have taken the time off around the holidays to rest, relax and be refreshed when they return to the road in January. We have dug deep to find out where many of the stars are playing, and we also have a few resolutions, as well as hangover cures for those who imbibe too much on New Year's Eve!

Keith Anderson will be hanging around his hometown of Miami, Oklahoma, ringing in the New Year at the Buffalo Run Casino. He tells us, he'd rather be on stage for the biggest party night of the year. "Before I had my deal and travel all the time, we would usually go and try to find something fun to do," says Keith. "But it just gets so long by the time New Year's Eve hits, you're pretty much toast."

Like Keith, Bucky Covington usually likes to be on stage for New Year's Eve. "My favorite spot to celebrate New Year's, hands down, would easily be on a stage, because people love to go out and have a good time on New Year's. So I would love to be a part of that," explains Bucky, adding, "Or sitting at home with my brother, family and friends, and just laying back and watching the ball drop in New York."

Montgomery Gentry, who are spending the New Year on stage at a resort in Rancho Mirage, Calif., are just like the rest of us when it comes to New Year's resolutions. Eddie says, "My New Year's resolution is the same one as usually everybody's. It's always you want to lose a little weight.," says Eddie, who's been spending a lot of time at his new steakhouse restaurant in Harrodsburg, Ky., so how much weight is he going to lose with all of that good food? Troy agrees, but adds that he wants "to be a good dad, and I want to be a good husband, and I want to get out there and win over the hearts of our fans and continue making great music."

Newcomers Steel Magnolia says 2009 has been a year they'll never forget, if they can remember everything they've accomplished. The on-stage and off-stage duo won the second season of CMT's 'Can You Duet,' signed a major record deal and released their first single 'Keep on Lovin' You.' So, what about this year stands out for them? "Definitely winning the show was a huge milestone this year and getting the deal with Big Machine, obviously," states Meghan Linsey. "The radio tour was just amazing, working with [producer] Dann Huff ... the Grand Ole Opry debut was a huge thing for us. Just a lot of big things happened." They're looking ahead to 2010 when they'll release their debut album.

Sarah Buxton Sarah Buxton says her favorite New Year's Eve memory is when she played a gig in Nashville. "Probably my favorite New Year's Eve was a show that Jedd Hughes and I did at The Basement here in Nashville," explains Sarah. "We started playing at nine o'clock and we played until like two in the morning ... all of our friends came, and we drank champagne, and it was too much fun!" Sarah will finally release her debut album next month.

Some people use New Year's Eve as an excuse to imbibe many adult beverages, and a bunch of artists agree you need sleep and the hair of the dog that bit you. "I think January first is universally accepted as a day off. So, I mean a little hair of the dog," offers Dierks Bentley. "But just water and stay on the couch, I guess. There's no real sure-fire cure for that." Chuck Wicks' tips for curing a hangover is, "Sleep it off, or drink more. That always works. If you stay drunk you never have a hangover." Tracy Lawrence agrees, saying the best cure for a hangover is alcohol. "There ain't nothing better than the dog that bit ya. Bloody Marys and mimosas -- trust me." Lee Brice, who is in his hometown of Sumter, South Carolina performing for friends, family and fans, explains what works best for him: "There the hair of the dog approach, which is to just stomach whatever you were drinking the night before -- a really stiff one, and you'll feel better immediately."

So, where are some of your favorites playing New Year's Eve? Jack Ingram will be ringing in 2010 while performing at Cowboys Dancehall in San Antonio, Texas, while Diamond Rio will take part in FOX News' 'All-American New Year's Eve' special. Randy Houser toasts 2010 in Kennesaw, Georgia at Cowboy's Concert Hall, and the Eli Young Band will bring in the New Year at the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston, Texas. If you happen to be in Music City for New Year's Eve, you can catch Rodney Atkins performing outside the newly re-opened Hard Rock Cafe, complete with a guitar drop and Jeffrey Steele headlining the show at Nashville's Wildhorse Saloon. Justin Moore will be counting down the seconds until 2010 at The Village in Little Rock, Arkansas, while Gloriana is set to play Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Washington.