Natalie Maines and her husband, actor Adrian Pasdar, celebrate their wedding anniversary on June 24. The pair married in 2000 at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nev., right after the Dixie Chicks played a sold-out show in the city.

"'Pastor Ann' married the couple in a simple $55 ceremony, the least expensive no-frills package offered, which included use of the chapel, candlelight service, traditional music and the minister," the New York Rock reported at the time. "The bride wore a one-of-a-kind vintage gown of champagne color Austrian crystals, designed by Giorgio di Saint Angelo. The groom wore a steel gray Prada suit with a black ruffled Gucci shirt."

The pair also reportedly won $740 by gambling at the Mandalay Bay casino after their nuptials -- a bit of good luck to start their life together!

Maines and Pasdar's courtship was a whirlwind: Maines met her future husband at the wedding of Charlie Robison and Emily Robison Strayer, her Dixie Chicks bandmate, in May of 1999. According to a 2003 People article, Pasdar was a groomsman for Robison, while Maines was a bridesmaid for Strayer (then known as Emily Erwin). At the time, Maines' divorce from her college boyfriend, Michael Tarabay, was fresh, and so after her relationship with Pasdar went public, the rumor mill went into overdrive.

"[My bulldog] Ralph's my baby," she told TV Guide in April of 2000. "Print that. And print that my divorce is final. There's all this gossip going around that I'm just a little hussy: not even divorced, a boyfriend, ready to get pregnant. No. Stop that train."

Still, Maines was pregnant by the end of the year, and the couple's oldest son, Jackson, was born in March of 2001. Another son, Beckett, followed in July of 2004.

Throughout their years together, Maines and Pasdar have supported each other's artistic endeavors: Pasdar plays a cop in the Chicks' "Goodbye Earl" video, while Maines contributed a cover of "Amazing Grace" to her husband's show Mysterious Ways. They also seem to share an affinity for wildly creative décor: Right after marrying, the couple bought a "quirky Austin home" that People once reported was decorated with "Mexican folk art, primitive masks, a slot machine in the living room and a velvet Elvis flanked by Jesus and Mary on the deep-red dining room wall." (Maines and Pasdar sold the house in 2015 for $1.82 million.)

In general, the couple has also had each other's backs; in fact, Pasdar says he once shoved a guy in Walgreen's after the man made a disparaging remark about Maines. This support has no doubt helped Maines and Pasdar's union stay strong as the latter's acting career took off (he's been a beloved cast member on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Judging Amy and Heroes) and the former has returned to touring with the Dixie Chicks.

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