Natalie GrantDove-award-winning artist Natalie Grant is having a baby. The singer, already the proud mom of twin girls, shared the unexpected news last week on her website.

"Surprised. Shocked. Stunned. These are just a few ways to describe how I felt when I got a positive pregnancy test," she shares with fans. "Most of you know that I have twin daughters. Gracie and Bella are three years old now. What some of you may or may not know is what I had to go through to become a mommy in the first place. Having been told that my husband and I would probably never conceive, it was quite a process indeed. It was a long road of costly fertility treatments and LOTS of shots."

This time around, though, there were no shots or fertility treatments, which is why Natalie and her husband, producer Bernie Herms, were thrilled to find out their daughters were getting a younger sibling. "Fast forward four years and imagine my surprise when that little pregnancy test showed a positive sign," she continues. "I thought this wasn't possible?"

Natalie's due date is Christmas Day. Meanwhile, she will spend some time out on the road, including several dates on the Women of Faith tour, along with singers Mandisa and Nicole C. Mullen.

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