This week was a busy one for artists releasing new music videos. Read on to watch 'em!

Kip Moore, "Last Shot"

Kip Moore's music video for "Last Shot" is a 4 minute and 27 second-long battle cry: a last stand in the face of sobering circumstances. It's a declaration of not being defeated even amidst the grimmest of diagnoses. Most of all, it's a reminder to all of us that life and friendship are precious gifts.

The clip was directed by PJ Brown, a college friend and frequent collaborator of Moore, and features a group of four lifelong friends. They grow up alongside one another, but their worlds are rocked when one of the young women is diagnosed with a terminal illness. It gives depth to the song's lyrics "If you were my last breath, I'd just wanna hold ya / If you were my last night I ever had on wheels / I woulda drive you like I stole ya."

“When we first talked about the video for this song, I felt like I wanted to tap into the deeper meaning behind it,” says Moore in a press release. “How that feeling of desperation and realization that every second matters, can sometimes be the motivation you need to really take action. I’ve always been a big believer of living in the moment and I hope people are inspired in some way by this video to do the same.” -- CV

Carly Pearce, "Hide the Wine"

Carly Pearce is back with a video of her catchy new single "Hide the Wine." The sultry and slow-moving song has a sensuous video to match. Readers can press play above to watch Pearce dance through mist-filled woods and across a long table strewn with wine bottles and the remnants of a decadent feast, in a flirtatious game of cat and mouse with an encounter that is sure to end in scandal.

"Hide the Wine" is Pearce's follow-up single to her chart topping debut single “Every Little Thing,” off her album of the same name. -- LS

Ashley McBryde, “American Scandal”

Ashley McBryde's brand new music video for "American Scandal" was filmed in her hometown of Little Rock, Ark. and it gives fans an intimate look at her everyday life.

The clip was directed by Horatio Baltz and prominently features McBryde's godsons. There's a nod to her influence on them as they receive fake tattoos drawn on with marker. While the boys pretend to wince, McBryde winces for real as she gets more ink from her longtime tattoo artist on camera. In the video, McBryde also drinks with friends at Reno's, a bar she played at for 11 years before signing with Warner Music Nashville.

Randall Clay and Terri Jo Box co-wrote the song with McBryde. “I was complaining about love songs and how I haven’t heard one in a long time that I believed," she recalls to Billboard. "All I wanted to say is something that I would believe in if you said it to me and if you said it in a way that’s not so feathery and crap. I would want it to feel almost scandalous. I would want it to be like Kennedy and Monroe.” -- CV

Krystal Keith and Lance Carpenter, "Anyone Else"

Krystal Keith and labelmate Lance Carpenter have released the video for their new single, “Anyone Else,” a sweeping, romantic anthem written by Kelly Archer, Greg Bates and Emily Shackleton. The video follows a couple working through the highs and lows of a rocky relationship; readers can press play above to watch the dramatic clip. From fights in the rain to tender kisses in the kitchen, the imagery captures the ups and downs of commitment and conflict, which are reflected in the powerful voices of the duo. -- LS

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