Morgane Stapleton is a near-constant companion during her husband Chris Stapleton's live shows, and she sings background on his studio albums, but as she often proves, she too has an incredibly powerful voice. For fans wondering what Morgane Stapleton might sound like solo, her old MySpace profile contains the answer.

A recent New York Times profile on the Stapletons focuses on the couple's relationship as it pertains to Chris Stapleton's career, but it offers quite a bit of insight into their life before he catapulted to stardom in late 2015, and specifically into Morgane Stapleton's career as an artist herself. When the Stapletons met in 2003, they were both songwriters, but she -- then Morgane Hayes -- was also signed to Arista Nashville.

On MySpace, fans can hear some of Morgane Stapleton's old, solo music, full of traditional country sounds. Song titles include "Soakin' Up the Neon" and "We Just Talk About It," among others; the stunning "If I Had Love" and "Slow Suicide" are also highlights.

On MySpace, fans can also find Stapleton's version of "Don't Forget to Remember Me," which she wrote with Kelley Lovelace and Ashley Gorley, and which became a huge hit for Carrie Underwood early on in her career. Released in March of 2006, as the fourth single from Underwood's debut album, Some Hearts, the song is certified gold and peaked at No. 2 on the country charts.

As a solo artist, the Times reports, Stapleton recorded three albums' worth of music, but never formally released anything, preferring more behind-the-scenes work to the spotlight.

I have an aversion to the spotlight," Stapleton admits. "It’s not for everybody.”

Before his wife asked to be released from her contract, Chris Stapleton would accompany her on guitar during her shows. After that, she would occasionally sing with him onstage, but it was only following the release of Chris Stapleton's debut album, Traveller, that Morgane Stapleton decided to make herself a permanent fixture in his shows.

“I don’t remember the moment," she says, "but I remember feeling like 'I can’t miss this anymore.'”

Listeners will hear plenty of Morgane Stapleton's voice on From A Room, Volume 1, Chris Stapleton's sophomore album, set for release on May 5. She will, of course, also be onstage with him during his All-American Road Show Tour.

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