Over the course of the time period in which she created her Therapy album, Morgan Myles dealt with a devastating series of losses and setbacks, both personally and in her career. First, she lost a close friend, Amy, whose children she had been nannying. Next, her grandfather died after a bout of genetic brain cancer that would later also claim the life of Myles' 33-year-old cousin.

Through all of those hardships and more, Myles' songwriting was how she grew and matured through those experiences -- especially in terms of spirituality and faith. Read on to learn the story behind the title track of her Therapy album, as told by Myles herself.

I wrote "Therapy" probably four or five years ago. [That was] when I think life got really real for me. When you kinda switch from being a girl to a woman -- for me, it was loss. I'm pretty ensconced in my faith, but that's when faith was tested.

I was always gonna be soulful and spiritual no matter what, but that's when it was like, "Oh my gosh, I'm really experiencing it." Even just this career, you know? You're constantly going through these highs and lows.

I think when my grandfather got cancer was the start. And then Amy [died]. I think there's always an accumulation -- I think they're always gonna be in everything I do.

When I talk about love -- people can relate to it through a relationship, but, sometimes, when I talk about love, it's about that deep, real love that I'm so happy that I know. I think you really understand what that type of love is when it's gone.

But I think what I've always wanted to say has always had a really clear vision, because it's been very spiritually based a lot of times. There's a lot of empowerment and strength -- it's not even that I'm always [empowered and strong]. Sometimes I feel like that, but other times I need to listen to this song and remind myself.

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