Australia-to-Nashville transplant and up-and-coming country artist Morgan Evans has officially released his first U.S. single, “Kiss Somebody.” Readers can press play below to listen.

An upbeat, addictively optimistic track, "Kiss Somebody" was penned by Evans along with Chris DeStefano and Josh Osborne, two of Nashville’s hottest songwriters. The radio-friendly, pop-tinged song is all about spontaneous romance: "Sometimes you gotta kiss somebody on a midnight street in the summer rain,” croons Evans in the chorus. “If you’re wishin' you were with somebody / 'Cause you don’t wanna go home when it’s closin’ time / If you wanna kiss somebody / Baby, I’ve got somebody in mind.”

Evans, who is engaged to fellow country artist Kelsea Ballerini, made his way to Nashville from Australia two years ago. “Kiss Somebody” is, at least in part, written about the experience of uprooting his life and moving across the world.

“[The lyrics] are straight out of my life experiences, trying to meet every tough decision head on with determination and positivity,” he explains. “And no decision was tougher than letting go of everything I knew in Australia to live halfway across the world in Nashville in order to chase a dream -- without my family, without my friends and without any concrete guarantees about what might, or might not, be around the corner”

Back in May, Evans announced that he'd signed his first U.S. record deal with Warner Music Nashville, after a great deal of success as an artist in Australia. At present, Evans is in the studio working on his U.S. debut album with DeStefano. He'll also make an appearance on Ballerini's forthcoming sophomore album; the track isn't a duet, but if fans listen closely, they'll hear Evans in the background.

Listen to Morgan Evans' "Kiss Somebody"

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