After a successful PledgeMusic campaign to help fund their new album, Phantasmagoric, Grace & Tony are back in the studio, so their labelmates Moonsville Collective are taking over Greenroom Sessions duties for March.

The seven-man collective, which formed in August 2011 in Costa Mesa, Calif., perform their rendition of "Hesitation Blues," a traditional tune first recorded in the early 1900s.

"The song "Hesitation Blues" is a jugband standard going back about 100 years. A ton of people have played it, adapted it and swung it different. We first heard it off the Jerry Garcia and David Grisman album Shady Grove," explains vocalist, guitarist and banjo player Ryan Welch. "In the last few years, we've added it to our quiver and, sticking to tradition, have often written in and added our own verses to it."

The Moonsville Collective are joined in the video above by T.W. Hill, a member of Los Angeles blues/soul/voodoo rock band Bobby London and frequent Collective collaborator. He's playing piano in the clip, and he'll be featured on the band's upcoming album, set for release this summer.

"We like the idea of the Greenroom Sessions. Moonsville was built on handshakes, improvisation, and finding common ground with other artists that work in and out of America's songbook," adds vocalist, guitarist and banjo player Corey Adams. "We are excited to add to the story."

Grace & Tony have toured with the Moonsville Collective in the past, "and we fell in love with them," says Tony. "We are pretty certain you will too."

The Boot will feature a new Greenroom Sessions clip again on April 15, so be sure to check back then!