SoCal Americana five-piece Moonsville Collective are premiering their song “Five Armadillos” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to hear the new track.

From its opening notes, “Five Armadillos” invokes a calm Western vibe, inspired by the countless miles and hours that Moonsville Collective have spent out on the road.

“It’s a salute to the empty highways and a nod of respect to the kind, hardworking folks who inhabit Nowheresville,” vocalist / banjo player / guitarist Ryan Welch tells The Boot of the song. “It’s about the window view of the passing scene and the characters you chat with when you stop to fill your tank with gas.”

Even though "Five Armadillos" wasn’t recorded out on the road, Moonsville Collective -- Welch and co-founder Corey Adams (vocals / banjo / guitar), Seth Richardson (upright bass), Matthew McQueen (mandolin) and Dan Richardson (slide / dobro resonator) -- worked creatively to quietly invoke the sonic vibe of a dusty, lonesome highway.

“We wanted the harmonica to sound distant and limping, so Corey ended up standing in the hot, concrete hallway outside the studio walls and blew some notes into a microphone," Welch explains. "The long hallway created a nice echo that we felt fit the feel and gave the harp that tone we were after."

Moonsville Collective have released a new collection of songs each quarter of 2017, showing off their aesthetic range through the EPs' 20 total songs. "Five Armadillos" will appear on the band's fourth and final project of the year, Moonsville IV, due out on Dec. 8.

"With our fourth EP, we wanted the songs to feel lonesome, dusty and tired," Welch says. "We wanted to package the feeling of a long, empty road stretching out in front of you, and the only thing left to do is to drive it.”

Readers can visit to learn more about the band and keep up with their goings-on.

Listen to Moonsville Collective, "Five Armadillos":

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