On her 2019 album When You're Ready, Molly Tuttle showcases her rock edge, offering a collection of songs that straddle her bluegrass foundation and diverse musical inclinations. The singer says that a prime example of that balance is "Make My Mind Up," a song that she wrote solo.

Read on to learn the story behind "Make My Mind Up," in Tuttle's own words. 

That song was one I wrote on my own. I had the verses and lyrics pretty quickly. One day, I sat down, and that song kind of just flowed out organically. So I wrote three verses, and then I went in and played it for [producer] Ryan [Hewitt], and he was like, "I think you should write a bridge."

So I took the lyrics of that third verse I had and just put them over a different melody, that wound up being the bridge. I always think that's interesting, when those same lyrics that fit over a verse [fit over a bridge]. I thought it was cool that they could fit over a totally different vibe and melody.

["Make My Mind Up"] definitely is acoustic guitar-forward, and I'm filling and playing licks here and there, but I also think it's focused on the songwriting. It just showcases different sounds that we were going for on the album.

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