Molly Thomas & the Rare Birds are premiering their brand-new song "Sharona," and its accompanying music video, exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to hear the mournful, contemplative tune.

Despite partially sharing its name with the Knack's 1979 hit, "Sharona" was actually inspired by a woman Thomas met. "She'd fled from the dregs of New Orleans after [Hurricane] Katrina to Nashville, where I was living at the time," Thomas tells The Boot. "She had an immense impact on me, and all I wanted to do was take her home with me, hug her and help her get better."

"Starvin' for some kisses all the day and all the night / You're starvin' for the needle, starvin for the night / Sharona, will you ever get it right?" Thomas sings in the song's chorus. In the "Sharona" music video, Thomas sings to Sharona herself, laying bare the ups and downs of her subject's life -- failed relationships, drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness -- and discusses contending with the consequences of your own actions.

As "Sharona" explores, it wasn't really possible for Thomas to swoop in as a savior to this woman in real life. "I learned that when a person is in a self-destructive place, sometimes there is nothing you can do but love from afar and let them go on their path, with the knowledge that they know there is someone who actually cares," Thomas admits. "I often wonder where she is right now, if she made it through the fire."

Backed by the Rare Birds, which includes Rick Hirsch on guitar, drummer John Milha, and bassist John Keuler, Thomas is set to release her first album as Molly Thomas & the Rare Birds in June. The Ocean Springs, Miss., native has recorded and toured internationally as a backing musician, including with Todd Snider, Guster, Will Hoge and more. She's also released three solo albums, and her songs have appeared in films as well.

Titled Honey's Fury, the new album, on which "Sharona" appears, is set for release on June 7. Visit for more.

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