For Mo Pitney, things have been getting a little busy at home: The singer is a new dad to baby Evelyne, who was born in early January, and loving married life with his wife Emily, whom he wed in March of 2016. The country artist says all of the personal changes in the past year or so have had an unanticipated, but wonderful, effect on his relationship with God.

"I can tell you, I don't deserve either my wife or this new baby, and I've experienced unconditional love like I've never before," Pitney told The Boot at Country Jam 2017 in June. "Being a dad has helped me realize how much responsibility I have in front of me and recognize even more so my need for God's help in being a father and a husband."

His love for his family has, of course, made Pitney long to be at home more often, instead having long stretches on the road, but the trio is making it work: "Whenever we get to travel on the bus, they get to come," Pitney shares.

Although Pitney has been busy enjoying time with his blooming family, he has also had some time to start recording new material.

"We just recorded -- haven't finished them, but just started recording -- three new songs, which is going to probably be the open door to the next record," Pitney shares. There's no release date for the project yet, though: "I don't know how long it's going to take to actually get a rope around it all," he says.

More information about Pitney, including a long list of scheduled shows, can be found on his official website.

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