Miranda Lambert wants to do anything to help animals through her MuttNation Foundation, and she's found a unique way to raise donations.

After being asked a lot to pose for pictures with people at her Pink Pistol boutique store, she now asks for customers to donate $100 to her charity in exchange for a picture with her.

"I'm always torn: I want to be accessible and all that, but when I'm at the store, I'm actually working," she tells Country Weekly. "I'm constantly moving merchandise and working the soda fountain, and if I get stopped and asked for a picture, it'd go crazy if I did everybody."

So Miranda came up with the best solution.

"Now, I can do pictures and meet fans and also raise money for my doggies," she continues. "It works out good. I ask for $100 donation to my Muttnation Foundation and we've raised $2,500 just by taking a photo. I don't ever want the perception of people thinking I'm charging money for my photo. It's definitely not for me -- it's all for the animals."

Miranda opened her store in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, in November 2012.

MuttNation is a non-profit that helps fund animal shelters, promotes adoption and trains dogs for therapeutic purposes.

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