Although Miranda Lambert can rest easy knowing Kenny Chesney has put his giant beach balls in storage for a while, her days and nights on the Sun City Carnival tour got a little wild -- even for her! Miranda explains that she reached her boiling point one night when a gigantic beach ball smacked her in the face. So, naturally, she popped the thing with her heel!

"I hate beach balls," the singer tells Dial-Global. "I just feel like people are so distracted from the music when they're trying to worry about a beach ball hitting them in the head and bouncing around like a volleyball. And people down front get hit in the back of the head, because they don't see it coming."

Miranda recalls what led her to finally pop -- literally: "This one guy hit me in the face during 'Gunpowder and Lead' at one arena out with Kenny with this giant beach ball, and that's when I decided ... I had actually popped that ball with the heel of my shoe, but I started keeping a knife on the drum riser for occasions just like that!"

With Miranda's gun-totin' track record, fans are probably lucky she only had a knife -- and a pair of heels -- to defend herself against beach-ball attacks!

Miranda's arming herself for next week's highly-anticipated release of her third album, 'Revolution.'

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