Mindy McCready appeared on NBC's "Today" show this morning (Jan. 29) to address suspicions that she killed her boyfriend, David Wilson. The 34-year-old music producer, father to McCready's youngest son, died of what was initially reported to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Jan. 13. While the 37-year-old singer is not a suspect -- none have been named -- the Cleburne County Sheriff's office is running additional forensic tests to determine whether or not Wilson committed suicide. McCready calls the Sheriff's motives a "witch hunt." (Watch the interview below.)

NBC reporter Andrea Canning spoke with the mother of two at her home in Arkansas and asked her point blank if she killed her "soulmate" and the father of her 9-month-old baby. "Oh, my God, no. Oh, my God, no," she answered. "He was my life. We were each others' life."

Additionally, the "Ten Thousand Angels" singer recalled finding her boyfriend, who did not immediately die from his injury, on the couple's front porch. "I just started screaming, calling 911," she said. "I lay down next to him and pleaded with him not to die ... He responded ... with sounds."

McCready did admit to having fought with David the night of his death, however she was adamant that it had nothing to do with rumors he was about to leave her for another woman. "David was not having an affair," she said. "That is absolutely, totally untrue."

Another cause of doubt about McCready's recollection of events came from the fact that the bullet was not immediately found by investigators until the next day. "I didn't find it, the dog did," she explains. "It was in the dog's mouth. I mean, that's a horrific things to say, but it was in the dog's mouth."

Canning asked McCready whether she believed Wilson killed himself or was murdered. Her response: "I don't know."

Canning will continue to follow the story for NBC's "Dateline."

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