Mindy McCready's problems continue to snowball.

Sources tell E! News that the troubled country star's two children have been taken by child services. A judge has since ordered that McCready be committed to a treatment facility for alcohol abuse and a mental health evaluation.

This new information comes just weeks after the death of David Wilson, McCready's boyfriend and father of her youngest son. An investigation into his supposed suicide is ongoing.

"Family members sought to have Mindy committed to a mental-health facility and there was an emergency hearing today," a source confesses. "They just got out of court a little while ago and the judge committed her for up to 21 days."

Another insider claims that McCready admitted to drinking since the passing of Wilson, in order to cope with the terrible loss. She is adamant that she had nothing to do with her boyfriend's untimely death, denouncing tabloid rumors to the contrary. Authorities are still awaiting autopsy results.

McCready's 6-year old son, Zander, and 10-month-old son, Zayne, are currently in the care of Department of Human Services in Arkansas, E! News reports.

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