There's no doubt as to what Miley Cyrus' top priority in life is: her family. Whether the 16-year-old superstar is singing with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, on stage, or taking tips from Tish, her manager/mother, she's thrilled to have her parents around her. Miley points out that the great thing about working with her family is that they always have her best interests at heart.

"The great thing for me is I work with Dad and my mom is my manager, so you can't have anyone else who cares about you more," she says. "There are always ulterior motives when it's someone else. But with family it's genuinely for you."

The 'Hannah Montana' star says her mom makes decisions based on what she thinks her daughter wants. "She doesn't make it from a business point of view," Miley says of Tish. "No matter what everyone's saying about me doing this or that, or me getting this much money or PR out of it, that's not the reason my mom would want it. She would want it because it makes me happy."

Another thing that makes Miley happy is sharing fans with her dad. "No lie, I told my dad this and he got embarrassed, but at my concerts the loudest screams I have all night is when my dad came out," Miley says. "It is so so crazy. Every time I go out for an encore they yell, 'Where's your dad?!' because they think he might come out. The few times he does it sends them so crazy, it's so cool."

When Miley isn't sharing the stage with Billy Ray, the two of them often spend time together on their farm outside of Nashville. "That's where I chill out most. Me and my dad, when it isn't too hot out, we get to go ride horses, we just walk around and explore. We have a go-kart thing we ride around on. We kinda go crazy."

The pop singing sensation says she has lived on the farm her whole life but every time she and her dad walk around on it, they find a new place they haven't seen before. "Then that kind of becomes our secret spot that we go to for a little while. Then we go out exploring again and we find somewhere better and hang out there," she explains.

Miley says her mom and dad also make sure she takes time for herself outside of music and the television series. "My dad and mom took me to my prom," she cites an example of how they help make her life as normal as possible. "It was a little different because they had to sit outside all the time because we didn't want it to get too crazy and out of control. So I got to go and to me it was the same as any other prom."

Miley knows she has a different perspective on life because of the opportunities that have come her way. "I have been able to do so many things in my 15 years that some people don't do them in their entire life," she acknowledges. "I've been able to do them not only by myself but with my dad. So I've experienced a lot, which I think there's no trade off for me. I love it. There are certain things I do miss like football games, but there are so many other things I get to do that other kids only dream about. That's the luckiest part because I get to live their dream too, so I think that's the tradeoff for me."