The Boot has rounded up three new singles from country artists. Check 'em out!

Midland, "Burn Out"

Heartache radiates from Midland's slow new single, "Burn Out.” In the song, the trio paints a vivid picture of what it means to love someone until it consumes you -- and what it feels like when the love eventually ends. “Watchin' cigarettes burn out / 'Til all the neon gets turned out / There's nothing left but empty glasses now / It's all flashes now / The smokin' memory that ain't nothin' but ashes,” goes the song’s chorus. “In the low lights / These done-me-wrong songs hit me so right / I'm so on fire for you it hurts, how / Fast as one cigarette can burn out.” “Burn Out,” featured on Midland’s 2017 album On the Rocks, will hit radios on April 9.

Dillon Carmichael, "It's Simple"

Dillon Carmichael’s recently released single, “It’s Simple,” is all about appreciating the … well, simple things in life that often come with living in a small town and taking it easy. Carmichael, who is the nephew of John Michael Montgomery and Eddie Montgomery, explains in a press release that the song is “a story about the old man next door who tells you that life is simple, and you shouldn’t overthink it”: “Love is for making / Kids are for raising / And home is that place in your heart,” Carmichael sings in a thick country twang. “Don't overthink it / Don't complicate it / The secret to life ain't that hard / It's simple.” “It’s Simple” is the first single off of Carmichael’s debut album, which is scheduled for release this fall.

Travis Denning, “David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs”

Travis Denning has released "David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs" as his debut single. The playful, refreshingly original song is about one fateful night when Denning's friend found a (real) driver’s license on the floor of a bar and started using it as his fake ID. In the tune, Denning talks about taking on the identity of the stranger to buy alcohol and memorizing the man’s details in case he gets quizzed in the process: He was “David Ashley Parker / From Powder Springs / Nov. 27, turning 23 / 5-foot-9, brown hair, blue eyes / Levi’s, T-shirt / All-American guy.” "David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs" hit country radio on March 19.

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