Merle Haggard is at home in Redding, Calif., following his hospital stay in Macon, Ga., the Associated Press reports. The 74-year-old has been hospitalized for nearly a week with double pneumonia, as well as three stomach ulcers and eight polyps in his colon.

Despite the medical setbacks, Merle assures he's on the mend. "Thanks to all the wonderful people all over the world that prayed their special prayers. I'm a new man," he said in a statement on his website. "Another special thanks to the folks of Macon, Ga., for their kindness, intelligence and probably saving my life."

The problems began last week (Jan. 17), when the singer felt ill prior to his performance in Macon. He was rushed to the hospital and the tour date was canceled, along with the remainder of his January schedule. At the time, his tour manager, Frank Mull, confirmed to the Ledger-Enquirer that the icon had been sick since leaving his California home the week before.

By Friday (Jan. 20), Merle had checked himself out of the facility, hoping to make the ride back to Northern California on his tour bus. However, he decided the journey would be too taxing, and returned to the Macon hospital a few hours later.

Hopefully, the country legend will be able to resume his tour schedule soon. According to his website, his next scheduled show is Feb. 28 in Tuscon, Ariz. See his concert schedule here.

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