When Blake Shelton knows what he wants, he'll do anything to get it. And on Tuesday's (March 10) episode of The Voice, he wanted a singer he didn't originally turn his chair around for -- former Steel Magnolia member Meghan Linsey.

Linsey is actually a former tourmate of Shelton's, and he admits that she has one of the best voices he's ever heard. So when she duetted with fellow contestant Paul Pfau, also a member of Pharrell Williams' team, on the Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down," the country superstar decided to play a little dirty.

"I've known this kid right here for a long time. Meghan, you've sounded better than you ever have," Shelton told Linsey, before turning his attention to her coach, who could only keep one contestant on his team, and saying, "If I was you, I wouldn't pick Meghan."

He also brought up Adam Levine's Season 7 defeat -- Shelton's team member Craig Wayne Boyd was crowned the winner -- which the pop star probably wants to forget about.

"Last year, he had three out of the four contestants in the finale of The Voice," Shelton said, "and managed to screw the pooch in such an epic way."

Lucky for Shelton, his tactics worked: Pfau stayed on Team Pharrell, and Shelton was able to steal Linsey for his own team. And Shelton made sure to gloat -- er, celebrate -- on Twitter.

Linsey seemed equally as pleased in her reply, noting that she was "soooo freakin excited!!!!!"

Linsey is a more high-profile singer than many of The Voice's other contestants; after all, her former duo nabbed a No. 3 album and No. 4 single on Billboard's country charts. But, as she sets out on her solo career, the songstress is realizing that it will take some major elbow grease to get to where she wants to go.

"I spent so many years investing in the Steel Magnolia brand that people don't really know me as Meghan Linsey on my own," she tells Billboard. "And I feel like it's almost impossible to be a female and get played on country radio now. I don't have a ton of money in the bank. I was getting to a point where I can't do this independently anymore. That's why it became really clear when they called that this was the right decision.

"I know some people are questioning if I deserve to be here. I've heard a comment or two that are like, 'Oh, she had her shot,' or, 'Her career is over.' I'm 29, and I moved to town 11 years ago, and I've worked so hard and don't believe in giving up on a dream," Linsey adds. "I'm grateful that The Voice does allow people who have had careers to come on the show like this and reintroduce themselves, giving an opportunity for a second chance. It's interesting with all the contestants: We're all the underdog in our own ways."

Now that Linsey's on Team Blake, will she end up like former The Voice winners Cassadee PopeDanielle Bradbery or Craig Wayne Boyd? Only time will tell.

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