A Thousand Horses put up a good fight in last week's Video Shootout, but Meghan Linsey earned her third victory and is moving on to her fourth and final week in the competition.

This time around, Linsey is competing against new music videos from Ricky Gunn and Billy Currington. If she wins, her ‘Love Never Sleeps’ clip will be inducted into The Boot's Video Shootout Hall of Fame.

Press play on the videos below to see all three artists' new music videos.

Should Linsey take home a fourth win and earn herself a spot in the Hall of Fame? Or should Gunn or Currington get the victory? Cast your votes in the poll below; you can vote as often as once per hour through Monday (Feb. 16 -- because of the Presidents Day holiday, this week's Video Shootout gets some extra time).

Video Shootout Rules: The video that receives the most votes wins, and the winner goes on to face two new challengers in the Video Shootout next week. Vote as often as once every hour. Any video that wins four Video Shootouts in a row will be retired into The Boot’s Video Shootout Hall of Fame to allow new clips to compete. Certain videos may be considered for a second Video Shootout.