There's good news for fans of Meghan Linsey: New music from the former Steel Magnolia member and The Voice Season 8 runner-up is in the works.

"I am recording and writing. I’ll have a new project out really, really soon -- hopefully before the end of the year," the singer tells The Boot. "It’s definitely got a little more of a pop edge to it, but I always stay true to my roots and put a little soul edge into everything I do."

During her time on The Voice, Linsey proved that she's got a voice that can work in multiple genres, but she admits there's something specific that draws her to country.

"I think [it's] just the honesty, and how real I feel that it is," she shares. "I think that everybody here is just super down to earth and honest, and that’s what I’d like to think that I’m about. That’s totally what I’m about. I think that’s the biggest thing for me with country: Everybody is so real."

Linsey released an eponymous EP in 2014 and followed her time on The Voice with a second EP, Believer. She notes that her experience on the TV singing competition greatly influenced her work in the year since.

“I think the show definitely helped build my confidence and make it a little less scary to know that people voted me through every week and downloaded my songs and believed in me,” she says. “I think that definitely was a confidence builder for me to realize that people do want to hear my music."

Updates on Linsey's new music will be posted on her website.