Brian Broussard and Tate Mayeux, who together make up the Austin-based band Mayeux & Broussard, are known for their old-school country style with a twist; after all, they began playing together in a hardcore band. They're premiering "Can't Fall Off the Floor," a track from their upcoming album, exclusively for The Boot's readers.

The two singers trade songwriting and vocal duties, and their personal style shines through in the finished product. "Can't Fall Off the Floor" was written by Mayeux, who was born in Monroe, La., and raised in the hill country of Texas; his lazy drawl brings a significant country feel to the song. Broussard, on the other hand, hails from Port Arthur, Texas, and boasts serious guitar skills; he grew up listening to blues, jazz and his grandmother's zydeco records.

"Can't Fall Off the Floor" was, in a sense, co-written with Mayeux's father. The singer tells The Boot that the idea for the song originally came about "in a rental car in Columbus, Ohio."

"[My dad] was on the phone with some guy who'd just screwed up big and lost his job, or something along those lines. My father told the man, 'You can't fall off the floor,' meaning it can't get any worse," Mayeux says, "and I thought to myself, 'Geez that'd make a slick country song.'

"The next day, we flew out to New Orleans for two days to take care of some drinking and fishing. Dad had a lunch meeting the first day, so naturally I took to writing with my free time and wrote "Can't Fall Off the Floor,"" he continues. "When Dad got back ... I read my old man the song, and he helped me change up a verse and worked on the chorus with me a little. So I guess you'd say I co-wrote this with my father in a way."

While the tune was inspired by the conversation Mayeux overheard, he also drew from his personal life.

"The song was loosely based on a breakup I had with a long-time girlfriend," he adds. "I tried to write it as if I was upset and jealous, although I honestly wasn't."

"Can't Fall Off the Floor" is from Mayeux & Broussard’s new album High Times & Good Rhymes, which debuts Feb. 24.

Listen to Mayeux & Broussard, "Can't Fall Off the Floor":

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