Matthew James Adkins doesn't need a relationship — he's learned to find the same highs by himself. His new song "Stoned on My Own," premiering exclusively via The Boot, finds the singer-songwriter discovering the power he has to control his life and emotions.

Adkins explains to The Boot that he'd had a slightly different version of the hook of "Stoned on My Own" in his head for a couple years: "The original hook was 'I get stoned alone' and had no real meaning to it," he recalls. When the "lightbulb moment" came and he realized the hook should be "Baby, I can get stoned on my own," however, the hook became a full-blown song.

"I wrote this song with the idea of overcoming a toxic relationship, environment or situation and finding your inner strength to be able to persevere and survive on your own," Adkins explains, calling "Stoned on My Own" his favorite song he's written so far and adding, "I, of course, used similar experiences I had gone through to bring passion and feeling to the song."

"Stoned on My Own" is the lead song on and title track of Adkins' forthcoming debut album. The shy, anxious kid began writing songs alone, often while enjoying the outdoors, and spent quite a bit of time in karaoke bars before meeting a bluegrass guitarist who became his mentor and encouraged Adkins to both pick the instrument up himself and share his music with others.

Adkins struggled with alcohol from the time he was about 17 years old until, in the mid-2010s, he found himself at "rock bottom": broke, in debt and having lost his home. Cannabis helped him quit drinking and using other substances, and he channeled the struggles he's experienced throughout his life into this forthcoming album.

"I just let it all out ... I like to be real," Adkins says. "I think all the things that happened to me...I’m glad they happened. I wouldn’t be who I am, and I wouldn’t be where I’m at."

Stoned on My Own is due out on Sept. 17 via Whistlepig Records. Visit for more details.

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