Matt KennonMatt Kennon's breakout single, 'The Call,' is impacting many people, even those in the public eye.

Following his appearance on 'FOX & Friends' last week, Matt received a call from former Tennessee senator and presidential candidate Fred Thompson, and his wife Jeri. The couple asked Matt to appear on their nationally-syndicated radio show. After watching the show, Jeri called her friend, singer-songwriter John Rich to find out more about Matt, and John was able to get her in touch with the newcomer. During the radio show, Jeri explained to Matt that she "was so taken aback by the emotion in your voice and the beauty of the song. It's so wonderful to hear someone write a song like this ... we feel it's really important to try to support folks like you."

Matt explained to the couple that he wrote the song more than a year ago in hopes of helping people who were going through tough times, by letting them know there are people out there who care. "Sometimes when you go through that tough time in life and you're alone, you get scared," he said. "I think it's our responsibility as friends and loved ones to reach out to those people and that's definitely what this song's about."

Matt and Fred discovered they have a few unexpected connections: Fred has been friends with producer and Stroudavarius label head, James Stroud, the man who signed Matt to a record deal. And, even more surprisingly, during a commercial break, Jeri pulled up Matt's video online and tells The Boot she recognized a familiar face -- that of Fred's nephew, Nick Luna, one of the stars of the clip!

In addition to the suicide issue Matt brings to light in the song, there's also a verse about a girl who receives a life-changing call right before she is going to terminate her pregnancy. The issue hits close to home for Matt, whose biological mother was going to end her pregnancy, but was too late, and instead gave Matt up for adoption.

'The Call,' which is being described as a "pro-living" song, will be available on a three-song EP, due out March 8. Matt's self-titled album is expected in stores April 27.

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