Rock Ridge Music artist Matt Brown is exclusively premiering his song "Love Is Not Enough" with The Boot. The singer, who grew up in the small dairy town of Washougal, Wash., says the tune was inspired by personal, true-life events.

"I was in a relationship with someone I loved, but couldn’t make it work despite making every effort I knew how to make," Brown tells The Boot. "I always had the idea in my head that if you loved someone, you could get though anything. I don’t believe this to be the case anymore.

"A healthy relationship takes so much more than love. You can truly love someone, and they can love you back, but it doesn’t mean you have built a solid foundation," he continues. "The title was born from that realization."

The lyrics of "Love Is Not Enough" are honest, heartfelt ... and a little despondent. In the first verse, Brown acknowledges the fact that things may not work out: "I'm broken down / And I know you're bruised / I know that you're hurting / Well, honey, I'm hurting, too," he sings. "We're tired from looking / For reasons to stay / I'm starting to think that it's easier / To just walk away." The chorus is especially hard hitting, with Brown singing, "You're telling me / That I'm all you need / And I'm starting to / Doubt that it's true / 'Cause I gave you my love / And my love's not enough for you."

Brown wrote "Love Is Not Enough" with friend and fellow songwriter Brandon Ingle, and he says the song "wrote itself;" he also admits that, with the song, "a little piece of my fairytale idea of love and romance had died." Brown adds that the recording process "went perfectly," and he knows that "Love Is Not Enough" was written from his heart because of one thing: "It was hard for me to sing it all the way through without tearing up," he says.

"Love Is Not Enough" is from Brown's upcoming new record Walk Into the Light, which is set for release on July 22 via Rock Ridge Music. Fans can pre-order the 10-track record on Amazon.

Brown will be playing at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe on July 27, and he also has several other shows on his schedule for the summer. A complete list of upcoming dates is available on Brown's official website.

Listen to Matt Brown, "Love Is Not Enough":