Twenty-three-year-old Mary Fletcher is revealing the music video for her hard-hitting single "I Called Him Dad" exclusively on The Boot.

Written by Fletcher and Cody McCarver, "I Called Him Dad" is a personal song for the singer-songwriter, but it's also spoken to many others who have found themselves in similar situations. Fletcher's father was an alcoholic, and he eventually, and sadly, passed away due to his struggles; his death inspired the tune.

"I just called him Dad / To this little girl, he didn't seem so bad," Fletcher sings in the song's first verse. "But the demons he fought within / Was a fight daddy couldn't seem to win."

The "I Called Him Dad" video shows Fletcher performing the song, and it also gives an intimate look at her love for her father. As she looks at old photos, the pain is still etched in her eyes.

"So tonight, I'm gonna sing "Amazing Grace" / And wipe away the tears that are running down my face," the chorus goes. "God, if you see my dad / Tell him that I love him and I miss him bad / He'll know who I am / Tell him I'm the one who called him dad."

Fletcher may be relatively young, but the Texas native is able to showcase her emotions through her music like a pro.

“I was angry with my father,” she admits. “For many years, I knew there were issues, but as a kid who grew up around his addiction, I didn’t really understand the dynamics of it all until I got older. He wasn’t mean and held down a decent job, so his addiction wasn’t as obvious as some, but it was difficult on my family and ultimately cost him his life.

The singer is donating some of the proceeds from her single to Addiction Campuses, which will match the donations to help fund scholarships for those in need of treatment for alcoholism and substance abuse.

"I miss [my dad] so badly and understand what these people and their families are going through," Fletcher says, "so I wanted to do something to help.”

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