Singer-songwriter Martha Scanlan is premiering her song "West Virginia Rain" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to listen to the sweetly reverent tribute to the stunning landscapes of East Tennessee and Eastern Montana.

"I've been fortunate to live in some really amazing landscapes ... just really rich culturally and musically," Scanlan tells The Boot. On "West Virginia Rain," her tender vocals pair with stark guitar and expert fiddling from Dirk Powell, whom Scanlan says "pulls all of the words into the heart of the song" -- a description that is, indeed, totally fitting.

"Dirk Powell's fiddle playing on this reflects that landscape so much but also touches something deeper and more universal. Dirk Powell's playing on anything tends to touch something deep and universal," Scanlan reflects. "It was so great to have him play on this."

"West Virginia Rain" appears on Scanlan's forthcoming album, titled The River and the Light. It's her fourth record and is set for release on Oct. 19 via Rock Ridge Music.

“Rivers have been a theme throughout the process of working on this record," Scanlan admits of her new album's title. "Recording is always such an interesting process -- the end result is always different than you anticipated -- but this was much more so because we didn't have many expectations going into it."

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