Singer-songwriter Mark Erelli is premiering his new song "I Can't Stand Myself" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play to watch a live performance of the track, which is all about gently beating yourself up for failing the people you love.

"I Can't Stand Myself" comes out swinging with a jangly piano riff, then leads into Erelli's distinctive vocals. The song's sonic vibe was inspired by the music of iconic bluesman Bo Diddley, at the suggestion of drummer Jaime Dick.

"That was a groove I'd never used on a song before," Erelli tells The Boot, "so I instantly ran with it, and it transformed the whole track."

The lyrics of "I Can't Stand Myself" dig into what it feels like to let down someone you love, and the self-loathing and eventual forgiveness that comes along with that: "I can't stand myself when I let you down / I should have it all figured out by now," Erelli sings in the song's chorus. "But I'll do better next time around / And I can't stand myself when I let you down." Erelli says he was inspired by the way the country values faith and digs into the power of doubt, especially self-doubt.

"Doubt can be as powerful as a locomotive, and on this song, I tie myself to the tracks," Erelli explains. "I've always thought of myself as a good person, but if that is true, why do I occasionally let people down or hurt them?"

Based in Massachusetts, Erelli has a truly diverse background in the music industry, from producing albums for Lori McKenna to performing as a sideman for artists including Josh Ritter and Paula Cole. He's currently gearing up to release a brand-new album, on which "I Can't Stand Myself" appears.

Titled Blindsided, Erelli's new record represents a significant sonic departure for the singer-songwriter, and explores "the distance between innocence and experience." The project is due out on March 27.

Fans can keep up with Mark Erelli via his official website.

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