Rising country star Margaret Durante wowed industry and radio peers during an intimate gathering with her producer and label head James Stroud Tuesday night (March 1) at Nashville's Tracking Room.

After a recording session tutorial from James Stroud, the 22-year-old sang a flawless rendition of her upcoming single, 'Maybe Tonight.' Margaret proved she is more than just another pretty face in country music, as the song not only showcased her as a stellar vocalist, but also her unique songwriting style.

"I want listeners to feel like they are my confidants," Margaret says. "I want them to feel like they have someone to commiserate and celebrate with when they hear my songs."

'Maybe Tonight' will be sent to radio stations nationwide by April 19, the same day Margaret's four-song EP will be available for digital download. The songstress penned three out of the four tunes on the EP.

Last night's introduction to the newcomer, who is signed to Emrose Records, was held as part of the annual Country Radio Seminar (CRS). The three-day event includes seminars to further country radio and music, and serves as a networking event for artists and radio folk to rub elbows and introduce new music to country radio stations.