Maren Morris used a long flight on Thursday (Aug. 9) to dish some details on her sophomore album. She asked fans what they wanted to know -- and delivered the news on a couple of song names, collaborations and more.

"On a long flight. Q&A sounds fun," Morris tweeted on Thursday afternoon. "Ask me the tough s-t. GO!" And while her followers also wanted to know the country star's favorite place and the best advice she's ever received, they also wanted the lowdown on her new music.

According to Morris, the song she found the hardest to write is a new one called "Gold Love." Her favorite song she's ever written, meanwhile, is "a new one on my album about girls," she says.

As far as special guests go, Morris told one fan that her sophomore album will include two collaborations; however, she didn't respond when another fan replied to ask for the artists' initials.

Fortunately, it doesn't sound as though fans will have to wait too much longer to hear Morris' new music: She says on Twitter that a new single should be coming in a "couple months."

"Alright, y’all. Spilled some tea. Spilled some wine," Morris wrote about 20 minutes after starting to take questions. "My label probably has constant conniptions when I tweet."

Morris released her debut album, Hero, in June of 2016. In late April, she teased on Instagram that she was headed into the studio to record her second project; back in 2017, Morris talked about writing for her sophomore album in a piece for Lenny Letter.

"I've grown into the woman I am even more after stacking a decade's worth of bucket-list moments into one year," Morris said at the time. "Those experiences will all come out in the wash. I know that whatever songs do fall out in the writing room ... will be the purest reflection of myself."

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