It's a bit of a cliche to say that every rainbow follows a storm, but for singer Mallary Hope and her husband, Ryan Dokke, it's true. She's pregnant again, but the couple has experienced their fair share of trials to get to this point.

Hope and Dokke, who is Curb Records' vice president of promotion, announced the big news on Monday (April 25), by sharing an adorable family photo. The pic shows off Hope's baby bump while Dokke holds their one-year-old daughter Scarlett, who is wearing a tutu and a T-shirt that reads "I'm getting promoted to big sister."

Following the big announcement, Hope posted an ultrasound photo with a caption that explains much of what she and Dokke have been going through -- specifically, two miscarriages.

"No matter what gestational stage of life, it IS LIFE, and as a mother, it is PAIN when that baby is lost," Hope writes. "I never thought it would happen to me because it was so 'easy' with Scarlett. But it taught me how much of a miracle carrying a baby actually is. How every little thing has to be right in order for us to assist God in this tiny miracle."

Hope, who calls this child "our little rainbow baby," is due in November. She continues by explaining that she wanted to add her voice and story to the conversation of those who have gone through the same thing; "I've never been one to shy away from my honesty or share what's on my heart," she adds. The "Love Lives On" singer also notes she's written a song about her and her husband's experience.

"[I] hope that I am able to sing it without crying soon," Hope admits. "I wrote it to give a voice to those babies that never make it, and I have hope ... beautiful hope that someday when I see Jesus he will be holding those tiny little babies and allowing me to show them how much I wanted them."

Hope and Dokke have been married since April of 2014. They welcomed Scarlett into their lives on Jan. 19, 2015.

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