Maddie & Tae have revealed their newest single, "Sierra," a song based on a real-life Mean Girls-esque experience.

"Sierra" comes from Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye's debut record, Start Here. It was inspired by a bully at Marlow's high school -- and, yes, her name really was Sierra.

“One of my friends transferred schools because this girl was so terrible to her,” Marlow tells Taste of Country. Though Sierra and Marlow were friends in junior high, once they got to high school, she "... kind of turn[ed] into the Regina George, where she thinks she’s the hottest thing and she’s the best."

Marlow's experience with Sierra came to an all-time low when the bully and her posse ganged up on Marlow in the lunch room during senior year; their words were so biting that Marlow went home crying at least once a week. The first verse of "Sierra" makes it pretty clear: This girl is a piece of work.

“I wish I had something nice to say / About that girl and her million-dollar face / But beauty only gets you so far," Maddie & Tae sing. "A heart of pure gold is something very rare / And the only one she has is on that necklace that she wears / Acts like she’s some kind of movie star."

The song's lyrics are poignant, smart and absolutely relatable, full of the duo's tongue-in-cheek trademark sass: "Sierra, Sierra, girl, let me tell ya / One day, you might need those friends that you ditched," the chorus goes. "Sierra, Sierra, life ain't all tiaras / You're gonna find out that karma's a ..."

"Sierra" was written by Marlow, Dye and Aaron Scherz; the upbeat tune goes for radio adds on May 17. It follows up the duo's catchy and laugh-out-loud funny third single, "Shut Up and Fish."

Listen to Maddie & Tae, "Sierra":